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Last updated 25 April 2011
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Experience some of the most exclusive shooting in the UK with Scott Milne and Cornish Country Pursuits.
All hunts are undertaken by Scott and his team. A Deer Management professional, his experience spans two decades leading hunts right across the globe, shooting everything from wild moose to wild boar.
A salt-of-the-earth Cornish chap, Scott has an invaluable connection to the land and local life.
Born and bred in Padstow, he has been involved with Deer Management and Vermin Control since he was old enough to hold a gun, thanks to his father who was in the same trade before him. Since then, he’s worked the land and amassed an intimate knowledge of some 40,000 acres of land, which he helps to maintain in terms of vermin control and general livestock welfare for local farmers and land owners.
Coupled with his natural affinity for stalking, Scott’s knowledge has become world-renowned and draws in clients from across the globe eager to tap into his wealth of knowledge and understanding of the local Roe and Red deer, their habits, how to find them and the land they inhabit.

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He knows where to find every type of quarry you can imagine, with the ability to organise shoots to challenge every level of huntsman.
His access to game doesn’t stop with deer. He also leads hunts for all manner of other local game including Snipe, Woodcock, Partridge, Geese, Ducks and more. Depending on seasonal availability, he can organise shoots to hunt them all.
If your shooting skill could do with a polish before you tackle a hunt, Scott is also able to offer expert shooting tuition, giving you the precise knowledge you need to become an improved marksman.
Please get in touch with Scott for more information about shooting, practise and dog training.
In conjunction with Flint River Labradors.
“A lifetime interest in shooting fishing and the countryside preceded the foundation of my wildlife and game management business in 2005.  Based in the area surrounding Bodmin, Cornwall and having access to estates covering a total of 30,000 acres of mixed woodland, moorland      
and wetlands in the stunning scenery that the west country provides for the purpose of deer stalking (Trophy and cull) for Red and Roe deer, driven and walked up Pheasant and Woodcock days, Duck and Goose flighting and all means of pest and vermin control.
Providing for any experience and ability of hunter, guiding clients personally, myself and my team are fully focused to achieving a memorable sporting adventure not to be forgotten.”